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HIPANEMA come into being after two Parisian girls met in Rio. Inspired by colors during their travels, the two young designers from Paris decided to bring back some Brazilian glamour in their suitcases. 

The HIPANEMA bracelet is a revolutionary concept for all fashionistas wearing trinkets on their wrists. The very chic magnetized clasp offers a great alternative to the holiday bracelets. The Brazilian ties go from being a post-holiday drag to being a real ethnic fashion accessory which livens up our urban wear. Hipanema's bracelets are being sold in carefully selected jewelry shops and concepts stores around the globe.

Made from pearls, seashells and multicolored thread. The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells - these cuffs can be worn double or triple. The more the merrier!



After having successfully launched Hipanema bracelets, the two young founders and designers, Jenny and Delphine are thrilled to announce the launch of Amenapih, their ready to wear collection. Amenapih core values are ethnical, colourful, surprising and adventures. These values create a seemless transition to the colourful beads and unexpected mix match of the jewellery line Hipanema.

"The idea to launch a ready to wear line collection became obvious very quickly" says Delphine, "our bracelets are already more than jewelry - You can feel the textures and the idea of the garments coming through" explains Jenny. "We only want to design what we like, the idea is to have fun and offer a little wardrobe for the Hipanema's girls" adds Jenny.

AMENAPIH is the mirrored image of HIPANEMA ; the reflection a good idea, a beautiful encounter and a fabulous story. 



Norske Santai drives av to glade Santaijenter, Lotte og Mette-Marit. Santai Wholesale AS er et ungt og spennende firma som beveger seg innen fashion og interiør. Jentene har flere agenturer fra Bali, og har brukt de siste årene på å opparbeide seg en gjensidig respekt og tillit til designere, slik at de kan være med på store deler av produksjonsprosessen. De er selv på Bali flere ganger i løpet av året for å følge med på produktutviklig og produksjon.

Santai smykkene håndlages midt inne på øya Bali, i en liten sølvsmie. Hvert armbånd er unikt og de håndlages bokstav for bokstav…Armbåndene lages i 925 sterling sølv og gullforgylt sølv og kommer i flere fine farger.

På reisene er Lotte & Mette-Marit alltid på utkikk etter unike og spennende varer som de ønsker å ta med hjem til deg. Drømmen har vært å skape et eget varemerke der stramme linjer møter personlig touch og en uventet twist. Santai jentene håper du finner din egen stil og våger å stå i den. YOU ARE AWESOME!



The Original Ibiza Hairties from Love Ibiza!
The IBIZA bands are handmade, cut, knotted and therefore the best quality.
Material is shiny on the outside and soft on the inside.
Other than normal hairties they wil not damage, leave dents or break your hair and
they will stay in place the whole day.
The ends are heat sealed to prefent fraying
You can wear them as hairtie or bracelet.



  Founded in 2010 by Mathieu and Nicolas Gourdikian, two Marseille natives, JOTT (Just Over The Top) is a trendy urban brand that reinvents the way of dressing ourselves by combining comfort and style.JOTT specializes in thin and ultra-light down jackets that can be worn during any season and can be taken anywhere thanks to their ingenious pouch. A concept that unites all generations.

JOTT is now branching out with its urban chic clothing collection and accessory line even more elegant, easily transportable and seducing a growing community of “Jotters” of all ages. Indeed, JOTT has been unanimously approved by those who have tried it. The brand is now sold in our official store network and distributed. In more than 1500 points of sale in France and abroad: JOTT is everywhere ! EVERYBODY CAN BE JOTT!